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Clark Academy Dance Center

Clark Academy offers a wide variety of professional instruction in the performing arts. Ballet, Tap and Jazz are the main curriculum, with additional classes in Modern, Acro, African and Hip-Hop, to help develop the well-rounded dancer. Theater and voice classes are also offered to embellish the total performer. Clark Academy does not discriminate against race, color, national origin, disability or marital status.


The mother of all dance forms has a formal structure to both its classes and performances. Ballet greatly stresses strength, balance and control and is one of the hardest disciplines for young
children. Classes move at a slow pace and often include repetition of single movement(s).

Because of class structure and required muscle development, we do not recommend this for children under the age of seven. However, all of our pre-school tap classes include basic introduction to Ballet as part of the class.


Tap is the original form of American dance, and a tapper must be a dancer and a musician. Tap is an audible form of dance, in which sounds and tone qualities are created by the feet and it relies heavily on rhythm. Tap is highly recommended for the pre-school student, as the tap sounds add
another dimension to dance making it fun, and by offering instant rewards…

Tap dance is also one of the best forms of exercise for the adult. It is fun and energetic, but is not as strenuous as other dance forms.


Jazz is a highly vigorous, freestyle form of dance, which stresses the use of rhythm and flexibility of the body. Our studio strives to educate our dancers in all forms of jazz, from the Classical and Musical Theater Dance of the 40’s and 50’s, to the Funk and Street Dance styles of today.

Because of required muscle development, we do not recommend this form of dance for students under the age of seven. All pre-school and tap classes offer similar basic movements, which will later translate into various jazz styles when the student is ready.


A contemporary free-flowing form of dance developing creativity of movement and strong interpretation of music through established Modern Techniques. Created in the 1920’s in the hopes of finding further expression and new ways to move the body, it is primarily danced in bare feet and integrates the torso with ballet vocabulary. These classes do not require previous ballet experience and are available for students twelve years of age to the advanced/professional level.


Better known as “Street Dance”, is a combination of movements developed in the urban areas of America. Hip Hop bases it’s styles on geographic and environmental experiences, and has become one of the most popular forms of street dance that has crossed over to the mainstream of American dance and around the globe. Video-dance is also a popular term referencing Hip Hop.


A vigorous form of ethnic dance that stresses isolation, coordination, and the use of multiple rhythms. The dance, whose origin derives from the continent of Africa, is strongly based on the secular and social graces of movement developed by the tribal communities throughout.


Acrobatics is the most athletic of all the dance forms. It stresses the extreme flexibility of the dancer and requires a great deal of upper body strength. Skills range from the basic “bridge” to basic tumbling skills, but at all times remains unique and distinct from gymnastics.

Because Acro requires a great deal of strength, we recommend taking these classes in addition to ballet. 


This class is designed to stimulate the imagination through movement and music. Basic steps will be introduced to develop rhythm and coordination. The child will be encouraged to move creatively to music. Socialization is a major factor in the initial introductory stages. Emphasis is put on each child’s personal needs for development. Ages 1 thru 6.


Stretch & Strength is a technique only class designed to improve and compliment the abilities of the dancer. It works to lengthen the muscles of the body to their fullest extent, which creates a greater level of flexibility. Stretch and Strength classes incorporates strengthening techniques design to build muscles and increases body control.While the Stretch and Strength class is for ages seven and higher, because of its slow moving pace and lack of dance “steps”, it is generally taken by a small group of dancers.


Designed to bring people together to sweat and have fun, while exercising. Focusing on an individual's own level of ability and intensity of movement, Zumba is a fitness program consisting of dance and aerobic exercise routines performed to popular, mainly Latin-American music.


Yoga class concentrates on postures that form a flow with movement and transitions; as well as learning to flow in and through each pose with the breath. This class increases body strength, balance and flexibility in a relaxing setting.


A combination of dance, acrobatics, and verbal shouting, using formation and level changes. Usually accompanied by music with rhythm and timing.

MATURE movement

Mature Movement is an adults-only dance class, that concentrates on fitness, strength, and personal expression. This class will cover multiple styles including contemporary, hip-hop, and street-jazz, and will feature esteemed guest instructors from the professional dance industry. Join us, and leave it all on the dance floor!