Dance Instructor


Milissa is a graduate of the University at Buffalo, NY and the Rochester Institute of Technology. She holds a BA in Psychology and an AAS in Graphic Design. She has worked for the National Technical Institute for the Deaf Panera Theatre as an Assistant Costume Designer and Special Effects Makeup Artist – Wardrobe assistant for Studio Arena’s Shakespeare in the Park. Also, Milissa was costume designer for RAPA’s production of Dreamgirls and Chicago. She was a member of the African American Dance Ensemble, and Le Touba en Dom Fal African Dance Troupe in Buffalo, NY.

Her ambition as a dance instructor began in 2003 at Clark Academy where she continues to provide, promote and encourage students of all ages with her traditional and contemporary approach to movement. Milissa also teaches African “Mudra” or African Movement, which consists of various techniques and styles of movement from the Caribbean to West Africa. Currently, Milissa is a member of the One World Tribe group for art in education in Erie, PA and teaches traditional African, Caribbean and Contemporary dance in schools throughout Pennsylvania.