Given the improved status of the COVID-19 outbreak, how safe do you feel about attending class in Clark Academy's new facility in the near future?
When will you be as comfortable attending class at Clark Academy as you were before the COVID-19 outbreak?
Do you agree with the timing of Governor Cuomo's upcoming stage 4 policy, allowing indoor arts and entertainment industries to open on Friday, June 26th?
If you are a returning dancer, how much time has passed since your last in-person dance class?
If any, what additional classes or workshops would you like to see offered at Clark Academy?

If you a competitive dancer, would you like more information on participating in local, national, and international competitions with Clark Academy?

Do you have any suggestions that may help us maximize the safety and joy of dance at Clark Academy?

Please leave any additional comments in the space below. We welcome all feedback!

Thank you for participating in Clark Academy Dance Center's grand opening survey!

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